Sprout Your Best Life!

Take my hand and join me in growing joy every single day. Maybe it’s growing your smile or someone else’s. Keeping an eye out for the little things that spark happiness. Trying something new that you never thought you could or would. Learning a new tip or trick. Or making the effort toward being a little healthier today by intentionally moving your body.

I want to inspire you to do all of the things as well as remind you that taking a break, reflecting as you take a step back, is also a huge form of self care. Living abundantly means juggling the world around you as well as growing your true self all at the same time.

Everyday is a chance to sprout. To grow and stretch. To heal and let go.  To turn toward the light.

Kevin & Amy

Where to start?!?! Kevin and I are silly fun entrepreneurs that live very exciting full lives. A powerhouse team with unlimited adventures including owning and operating a manufacturing plant which dries down locally grown produce. In turn we sell the ingredients into the pet food market. There is way more than that though…we do commercial building rehabs focusing on tired buildings in our area, breathing life back into them. Combining my background in interior design and Kevin’s construction skill set we just started our own residential construction company as well. Oh – and then we own a supper club too called Wallace Lake Supper Club.

Recipes, Gardening, DIY and General Life Hacks

The farm is just one of my passions, but I have so much more to share!!! I love to cook, clean, and garden. I have so many fun tips and tricks I can’t keep them all to myself. Another passion of mine is DIY everything, crafts and painting. Balancing what needs to get down versus our passions is something I think we all struggle with. I love to share my successes, but really sharing my failures are almost just as fun. It’s the only way to learn so lets do it together…To see more of that head over here: https://www.instagram.com/behind.the.daisies

Animal Tales

Combining words and photos helps me unfold the stories of these unique animals. Reading them, let your imagination create humorous illustrations allowing yourself to bring the stories to life.

World Wide Community

Don’t leave without dropping a pin in the city you live in! Let’s bring our world wide community just a little closer together right here. You definitely are not alone in your love for animals and wholesome lifestyle.