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Welcome to Juggling Daisies!

Life is fast paced and unpredictable leaving each of us to juggle so many different things. Because of that, you need a place to turn off all of the extra noise and simply emerse yourself in some joyful serenity. Welcome to our hobby farm.

Growing Smiles Daily

Everyone smiles and awws over our adorable animals on Instagram and Facebook, therefore this blog is an extension of that. Bringing our fluffy farm family personalities to life where everyone is forever pets never food. Keeping our content authentic, positive, and wholesome makes it perfect for all ages to fall in love with our farm friends as well as bond over them. We find life whimsical and fun and love sharing the positivity with you.

Animal Tales

I am writing the various adventures as I see them unfold between our unique animals. Reading them, let your imagination roll, it’s the illustrations that bring the stories to life. My goal is for them to be published as children’s picture books one day. Who knows, maybe even a television show.

Our Daily Juggle

In addition to running the farm, my husband Kevin and I work well as a team living an adventurous life as entrepreneurs. Selling agricultural ingredients into the pet food market allows us to create this safe haven for our animal friends. We own a manufacturing plant which dries down locally grown agricultural providing food for your pets. Furthermore, we do commercial rehabs as a way to give back to our community. Focusing on tired buildings in our area, we breath life back into them. Combining my background in interior design and Kevin’s construction skill set we love reinventing buildings stories.

Personal Lives

Balancing hard work, bringing our dreams to fruition, and being examples of love to our two teenage boys definitely keeps us on our toes . In our spare time we travel and encourage each other to lead a more healthy life. We are amazed and touched by the internal beauty of people we meet along the way. The number one question we are asked is how do we get it all done. Well, that question is better answered on our second blog

Take some time, relax, and enjoy our happy farm. Comment on the posts you like. Let me know which animal personalities you enjoy the most. Don’t leave without dropping a pin in the city you live in! Let’s bring our world wide community just a little closer together right here.

Thank you for your time…we really appreciate you being here.