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Ernest – The Snuggle Is Real

Farm Mom lovingly takes care of her pets, while Ernest rubs himself around her ankles. She fills feeders with scrumptious hay. And carries sloshing water buckets. She even cleans out the stinky barn stalls. Ernest follows along, making sure no task is overlooked. Farm Mom brushes everyone’s hair. She delicately collects eggs in her basket. And she feeds everyone the…

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What Is A Safe Haven Hobby Farm?

I grew up hearing the term ‘Hobby Farm’ describing many small local farms nestled in the kettles of Wisconsin. Maybe its a Midwestern thing, or maybe its old fashioned. Either way, people are asking what that means so I thought this may be the best place to describe our version of Hobby Farm. My Farm Is My Hobby I have…

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How Hobby Farming Found It’s Way Into My Heart

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I have never felt more joy from anything like I do with hobby farming. Yes, it can be dirty, smelly and a lot of sweat, but hobby farming is worth every piece of extra laundry. This princess has finally found her castle. It just happens to be a barn. The ironic part – I didn’t even know that hobby farming…

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