Ms. Wiggins


From the day her hooves hit our pastures, Ms. Wiggins and I had a special bond. As if it was a shared secret, we both knew instantly she was where she was meant to be. She is very matronly, reserved  and quite. Therefore, it’s startling to hear her baritone baaa’s ripple out across the country air. You can’t help but turn your head in surprise! All you see blinking back at you is modest Ms. Wiggins.

Wiggins is the mother hen to all of the sheep in the pasture, dutifully watching over them as they spring about and play. As night falls she stays on the outer perimeter of the flock. One leg tucked under her generous body, the other jutting out, allowing herself to leap up and alert the others if need be.

The thing that I find the most interesting though is that this gal is afraid of her own shadow. She loves people and her own kind, but dogs, donkeys, or our farm UTV  bolts her into a panic bounding away as her full fluffy body jiggles as she springs away to safety.

Wiggins is such a sweet motherly soul and my heart bursts with love for her.


  1. I just bet that if someone truly threatened her flock, Ms. Wiggins would not be scared. She’d be very angry and that someone or something would be sorry! she is a beautiful girl!

  2. Love Ms. Wiggins ❤️ She’s majestic in her own way. No doubt her motherly instincts and Sweet soul show through when you highlight her in your daily lives. Looking forward to more….

    • She really is a strong yet silent character in our pastures…I am so glad that you enjoy our daily live videos! It’s through those videos that I am able to truly bring all of these animals to life. It’s a little bit magical!!! Thanks for being here and please continue to comment on our various stories and posts…

      • Ms Wiggins is wonderful, you can see the depth of understanding in her eyes. She maybe “afraid of her own shadow”, but deep down she knows she is home!

        • She is very comfortable here and even leaps around from time to time! The love that pours from her eyes is amazing, and it’s alright to be vulnerable….it makes me love her even more.

  3. Ms Wiggins is just the best – watching her give birth then following to see how the flock has grown is just the best. Perhaps for new followers you should add which are her babies.

    • That’s a great suggestion Janice!!! I will do that…sometimes the things that are so obvious to me are the things I need to have pointed out….You are an awesome person and follower…Thank you friend for being here and following our journey!

    • Very special indeed! Hopefully, if all of my dreams come true….Ms. Wiggins will actually be a stuffed animal!!! How cool would it be to have an entire plush line of the farm family…??? With all of your support – I believe we can get there…


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