The mascot of our farm and the queen of the pasture, let me introduce you to Daphne, the spicy ginger Scottish Highland cow.

If cows ever start landing super model runway contracts, this girl would be the most sought after. From her stylish red toenails and black tipped curly horns Daphne has it all. Sure there are plenty of red Scottish Highlands roaming pastures, but Daphne is a clear stand out with her bright and fiery crimson hair.

Her personality is as multifaceted as her highlights. During our live videos, Daphne’s inner diva bursts forward showing you that she really is larger than life. Nodding her head in agreement to many of my questions, it’s clear she feels she is above the rest of the farm in intelligence. Daphne always wants to clarify exactly who is in charge refusing the goodies on cookie Friday, or by a swing of her head  (or should I say horns) to keep Puddin in check. Although, don’t let all of that head thrashing fool you, down deep she is a sweetheart. To see her melt, send Kevin into the pasture for a good scratch or brush out.

Daphne’s back story isn’t as happy as you may think. She had a very hard time fitting in with a few of the other cows we had. To the point they bullied her, keeping her from food and shelter. We figured out that Daphne was born sterile and assume that they realized she was different. We had to do something so the other cows were re-homed and Juggling Daisies is now her forever home. After many fans watched this entire process, you can understand why she is clearly a favorite around here.



  1. So glad you decided to keep her! Instead of getting rid of her because she didn’t fit in. Loving solution.

    Love your insta sites. Always makes me smile.
    Thanks for that.

    • We love this sassy girl, farm life wouldn’t be the same without her…Farming isn’t full of easy decisions, but this is what ultimately was best for everyone. I super appreciate you being here and leaving a comment. I hope you do more of that!!!! Have a wonderful day.

    • I am so glad that she randomly made her way here to. Clearly it was meant to be…I do miss our other cows, but keeping Daphne safe forever is the most important thing ever. Thanks for being here!

  2. Daphne is fabulous, I think of her as a Queen too. She is definitely Royalty and she ensures, by her sometimes picky behaviour, that we all remember this. Amy, she wants you to pander to her specific requirements and hers alone, which is why she doesn’t always eat the cookies! She is glorious!

    • Yesterday was a win!!! She was in a great mood AND ate the cookies…I think she prefers the veggie blend over the berry too….I just love her for living her biggest and best life. She is an absolute hoot!!! Forever in love with my Spicy Ginger!!!

  3. So beautiful! I’m glad she knows her worth and that she has found a place that knows her worth as well! I love that she refuses cookies if you have fed someone else first. Such a babe!

    • Oh this red head diva CERTAINLY knows her worth…good gravy she is sassy, but so sweet at the same time…I love that she is the mascot of our farm showing that every one deserves love even if you are a little different…


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