Why Juggling Daisies?


We are all jugglers in our own circus.  We all have to find a balance between what must get done, what each individual family member wants to do, having fun and rest.  Sprinkle in relationships with friends, our extended families (that do not live under our roof), God, and our health.  Each of these things bring beauty and joy to my life, are precious to me and often can be delicate…. See – Daisies!  It works…

We juggle because we never want to drop the ball (switching from daisies to balls, I’m sure you are following but wanted to make sure).   Oh, but I often do fumble. Sometimes more than one goes flying the wrong direction – in fact most days I pretend to have my shit together, but in reality I am just swimming in a ball pit of dropped balls.  We are human therefore we fail.  Failing can be funny – hilarious actually – its all in how you look at it!  I am writing this blog to share with you just how human myself and my family members are.  Laugh with me or cry with me, I just hope you enjoy the story.  I picture myself and Kevin as clowns wearing top hats in a huge circus tent with many intersecting rings. We certainly are a duo that tends to toss around about 12 balls lighting every other one on fire just to keep things interesting.

Juggling daisies is the action between being strong, but not rude. Being kind, but not weak. Being bold, but not forceful. Being humble, but not timid.  Being proud, but not arrogant.  To do these things we often need to step outside of our comfort zone.  “Your comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing will ever grow there.”  I used to live a far less adventurous life, but my soul stirred with curiosity.  In time I have learned taking risks is the only way to grow.  I stumble along the way, have my share of life lessons from mistakes, (not to mention the total crash and burn moments) but you know what – I have more successes than anything.  I’m not sure who is going to read this, but if you do become a reader.  I hope that I motivate you in some way to grow, stretch or even lean out of your comfort zone and start juggling daisies!
With Love,

Amy Zimmer


  1. Amy…this is spectacular. You are a gifted writer, among all your other talents. Thank you for including me/us in your juggling act. 😊
    Love you guys
    B and G

  2. Love the content and the format. I will be checking in regularly. Its easier than calling to see what is going on. Love Mom


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