Once Upon A Time


Where to begin…

We all have dreams that we want to make into reality.  Passion does not always mix with practical reality making things messy.  Road blocks to success are built out of big ideas and even bigger doubts.  You know that it will take hard work and the most precious resource – time – to create something spectacular, but where do you begin? This question is pondered more than any I think, in fact I believe it is the reason that most do not ever start what they have been dreaming of in the first place.  Best practice is to just jump in with both feet.  If you never take action, your dream will sleep forever.

I haven’t been raised by monkeys or anything – that would be a 10 on a scale of way weird.  However there has been enough unusual things that have gone on that my Father repeatedly tells me  that I should write a book – even before I met Kevin.  My biggest hold up has been where to start.  I decided that life does not have to be recorded in perfect chronological order.  The begining chapters from birth to 5 years would be a yawn given I was brought up like most midwestern little girls.  Country living with my brother and sister, days spent making dandelion soup and riding my bike in the rain.  Life from that age on has been filled with learning experiences.  I will sprinkle these pages with reflections and memories I am sure.  The way I look at it is every memory is a building block constructing who I am today.  Which by the way is a fairly interesting person to have a conversation with.

Once upon a time I have loved to the point of walking on air, failed with my heart on the floor, anticipated so many what if’s, been crushed by not getting what I thought I wanted, and filled with so much joy that I’m pretty sure my eyes were filled with rainbows.  I try to live a grounded life filling my days as well as others with positivity, strength, and grace.  I am glad you are here, I hope you enjoy a little light reading and your day is better for it.

~ Amy Elizabeth


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