Mama Duchess & Baby Beatrice


I grew up in the country, but not on a farm.  As a girl you could find me playing out in the yard mixing up my latest batch of dandelion soup.  Or, after tying a long grassy knot onto one end of our propane tank,  I would straddle that puppy and pretend I was riding a horse.  (The imagination of a child is a beautiful thing)

I am ecstatic that our new home includes an 130 year old barn.  Closest thing I have ever had was the Fischer Price farm set with little plastic animals, fences, and a door that mooooed when opened.  Now my play set was coming to life!

Out of curiosity I went on Craig’s List and searched for mini horses to see how available they were as well as cost. (Admit it, you love that Amazon commercial too…)  I stumbled across an ad that was for a Mama horse and her new born baby.  (sidetracking – for a woman that has never birthed a baby, to get your hands on one is very exciting…even if it has four legs) I emailed the seller to let them know that I was interested.  She stated she had changed her mind and was only willing to sell Mama with the bonus of having her bred for me again in fall.  My dreams had come true and it fit our time line.


Several weeks later out of the blue I received the call “I need to get rid of them…today.”  I hung up with a heavy heart and shared with Kevin the news, I was certain I was going to have to pass and was worried about the creatures I had never met but already loved.  The horses were a 4.5 hour drive away, and we didn’t have a trailer. Kindle fire support

I never expected him to look at me and say “Let’s go get them.”  (God I love that man!)  If you have ever dealt with rescue animals when someone says “Get them today” you don’t ask many questions – you just do it.

Mike Johnson, Co-worker, friend, and sheep herder, told us that if we “made” a crate in the back of my Ford Transit that we could transport them in there.  Within 20 minutes it was done – the back was lined with a tarp & straw to trap – well the obvious…and wood to protect them from bumping into the sides as well as giving us something to tie them to.  On the drive up we worked out where we were going to home our new family members.  (Horse before the…home)  We considered putting them in our fenced yard in town for the night.  However the thought of our neighbors being woken up to the whinnies of horses and my flowers being eaten like a salad made us realize that we needed a different solution.  We reached out to the owner of our new property (we had not closed yet) and kindly asked if we could have our new horses call her barn home.  Not only did she say yes, but she and her son went above and beyond preparing a space for them as well as acquiring food dishes, hay, and bedding from our new neighbors.

My only regret is not having a picture taken from the front view of the transit.  Needless to say it was a tight fit…The photo would have showed our two human heads lined up with horse head in between.  Mama’s warm breathe down our necks and ear piercing whinnies echoing in our tin can on wheels – for 4.5 hours!  We may be crazy, but man do we laugh a lot! The expressions on the faces of patrons of the gas station were the best…

Mini Horses Duchess & Beatrice

Once home and settled I gave some thought to their names – Duchess is seven years old so no changing that, and why would I?  The babies name was “Rainy” since she was born the day after prince died (Purple Rain).  I love Prince, but not enough to name my baby after him.  The gal that let us invade her barn early asked “What did the Duchess of York name her baby girl?”  The answer….Beatrice.

Concrete barn floor is being poured this week with drains.  Next will be building out stables as well as a pasture fence.  The girls are happy in their current shelter until I can make it all perfect for them.  I love it when a plan falls together!

With True Love –

Amy Zimmer

Mini horses Mama and baby


  1. I would love to do a story about this beautiful rescue! They are adorable! Please give me a call…262-343-6305. Linda McAlpine


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