Launching A New Project!


Welcome to Juggling Daisies Farm – Kevin and I’s latest adventure. This one is different…this one is going to be our home.  Oh, don’t think that I don’t hear you laughing, saying “ya right!”.  It’s not that you don’t have just cause for your sceptisim.  In our 6 years of marital bliss this will be our fifth home.  In addition we have rehabbed one commercial restaurant, a warehouse/office, and currently have two other commercial projects that are a current work in progress. I recognize that sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Remodeling projects are our hobby and we love it!

We were land owner neighbors with this property with 20 acres that abutted next to it.  Our plan was to build a new home on that land in the Spring of 2017.  Well best laid plans rarely come to light – this home went up for sale and after a five minute tour we were hooked.  July 1st 2016 we started our next remodel project.

The past two days have been filled with demo work as well as cutting back some overgrown landscaping.  Concrete Randy has been here prepping the barn for a new concrete floor while Dad Zimmer is running a massive backhoe plucking huge trees out of the ground like wild flowers.  Yesterday a few friends popped over and commented that it looks like a war zone, and they are right.  Projects often get messy before they turn into masterpieces.

I grew up in the country so I feel right at home already. Birds chirping while the wind whips my curly hair into a wild mess.  Just got done shoveling horse poo and now with rake in hand I have to work on cleaning up our beautiful disaster.

With True Love,

Amy Zimmer


  1. Well Amy maybe with all that horse poo you could use it for a bond to mix it in the sand for waking molds. You could start a Fdry and make brass bells and let them ring beautiful sounds in the country . LOL

  2. I not only like your juggling, I love it as it is very descriptive and making me wish we could turn back Our years to another time. It all sounds so exciting yet these tired and worn bodies of ours can only watch from a distance and share in your juggling. For us it is years too late so we will dream along your side Ms Amy while you and Kevin juggle your daisies…some drooping while others are perfect. When the going gets tough, don’t forget to pluck the Daisy petals saying, “He (she) loves me, he (she) loves me not.” For you, it will all turn out with the petals saying ” he ( she) loves me 🙂

    • Whoops, I commented in the wrong place due to my hyper self’s personality. I was just so excited for you and your newly purchased Georgian Home that I couldn’t wait to comment but comment I did…in the wrong place. I am just too crazy in love with working outdoors in our little patch of heaven that a rewrite won’t be coming because it’s back to building an itty bitty rock wall which is like building a humongous rock wall, anyway for me it is, so it’s back to the outdoors I go where the rocks and another beautiful day are awaiting. I love SUMMER!


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