How Hobby Farming Found It’s Way Into My Heart


I have never felt more joy from anything like I do with hobby farming.

Yes, it can be dirty, smelly and a lot of sweat, but hobby farming is worth every piece of extra laundry. This princess has finally found her castle. It just happens to be a barn. The ironic part – I didn’t even know that hobby farming is what I was looking for.

When prince charming and I moved to the farm, it was our sixth move in seven years…Crazy I know – trust me.  Moving so often sharpened my packing skills to the point I have awarded myself ninja status.  I also streamlined our families personal possessions to the things that truely bring us joy. However all of the moves took their toll. Mentally the farm felt like another remodel project we were tackling not “home”. I had lost the desire to nest. You know that fussing about we do to create a place that we can laugh and love in. It isn’t always about making a home look like a magazine page layout. The joy of adding the comforting touches that transforms a dwelling into a home had disappeared for me.

The residence portion of our hobby farm was completely being gutted so my attention turned to the 100 year old red barn that our house’s front windows winked at in the setting sun. The building needed a little tender loving care. Kevin’s wheels started spinning trying on ideas of it being a wine cellar or possible art studio. He always has fantastic ideas – numer 103 on the list of reasons I am madly in love with him. We both are outside of the box thinkers that can visualize spaces potentional fairly well.  Together we are a remodeling hurricane that is hard to stop. This time though, this time, I simply said “A barn is meant for animals.” That was it. Our hobby farm adventure began. Kevin wasn’t keen on the idea at first, but it didn’t take him long to be romanced by the nurturing emotion of raising animals. Well – that and I think he saw the return of a joyful sparkal in my eyes. Don’t let him fool you, he is a huge softy….

Our 100 acre hobby farm family started with two rescued mini horses, a mother daughter tandem. I’ll be honest, I bit off more than I could handle. A rookie mistake that I made the best of. We re-homed them to a more experienced farm while making a little girls dreams come true. That was a heart breaking lesson for me to learn – and one that I will never repeat. I now to the internet to research animals I feel we can handle as new hobby farmers. Since then we have grown: 35 chickens, 3 donkeys, several kitties, and 5 Scottish Highlands.

I love my farm and everyone that lives here. I now shop more at Fleet Farm than Nordstrom’s. Part of my daily ensemble always includes a piece of hay, animal hair, feathers, or manure. I completely admit, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for visiting me! Who lives in your barn? Tell me all about it! #wholivesinyourbarn is a hashtag on Instagram that I created! Use it in your next post and maybe I will re-gram you. We can’t wait to meet your barn family…!!!  Take care my friend and have a great day.

~ Amy Zimmer