Get Addicted To Something New

I bet you can't do this with your tongue!!!!

This past week we welcomed a new little life to the farm. We are so excited to introduce you to Puddin!

Vanilla and Puddin

Vanilla went into labor on the cold windy morning of Monday October 15, 2018. This was her second calf, Nutmeg had been born almost exactly a year ago. The entire family is doing well. Nutmeg is a little jealous of her brother, but in time she will be so excited to have another adolescent to roam the pastures with. Nutty will show Puddin how to run, kick, and play. She has been the only kid on the block and no matter how many times she tries to get the “adult” gals to play they aren’t having it.

I’m a tough guy…

I have spent hours gazing at Puddin watching his firsts…his wobbly steps within minutes of being born…his first meal as he suckled from Vanilla…it really is amazing how quickly animals progress in the first 24 hours. As the days rolled on I have seen him be curious about kitties and their soft switching tails. I have heard him get yelled at by Vanilla when he runs too far away from her as he zooms about the pasture in the early morning. Gingerly he approached the other cows in the heard smelling and getting to know them as they bump wet cold noses. Every one of his days are filled with brand new experiences at this point. Everything is exciting, fresh, and thrilling.

What’s over there?!?

Watching this little calf soak up his new world reminds me that, even for me at forty-three, every day is a fresh start. A gift, wrapped in twenty-four hours, that I get to put my fingerprints all over. I get to choose what I do with today that builds up and off yesterday. Within those precious hours I do my best to do what is right, love my family hard, be grateful, and take on as many new adventures I possibly can.
I stuff my day with “new”. New people, new walking trail, or a new recipe that I have never tackled before. We only have one life to live. I never want one day to be a repeat from a previous day. I live my life so that it is FULL of experiences – as BIG as starting a hobby farm with zero experience or as little as trying a new coffee shop. Yesterday a girlfriend asked if I wanted to plan a trip to Thailand….I’m like….You Bet! I’m in!!!!

Don’t shy away from new – embrace it. Talk to new people, find new positive energy, submerge yourself in new surroundings. Embrace life and all that it has to offer. Toss one regular “routine” event out the window tomorrow. Something as small as changing from a black pen to a blue one is very refreshing – try an orange fine line sharpie for the season! That feeling, that small spark of joy is addicting. Before you know it, you are going to be driving a different way to work or buying a purple sweater even though you have never worn that color before. Every day is a new adventure, but here is how I like to think…every minute…no every second also is fresh and new. I hope you are brave enough to fill your seconds with new experiences that make you smile…just like Puddin.

With Love –
Amy Z


  1. wow-that is very inspiring! You have a wonderful outlook on life and you inspire others-wonderful gift. And I am in love with Puddin!

    • Thank you Barbara!!!! I want to inspire others in a world that seems to be downtrodden by many things. We all need to be the light – even if it means just smiling at someone in the grocery store.
      Oh and Puddin…..he is something else. I hope you follow along and watch him grow with us!!! Take care my friend…AZ

  2. Beautiful words that are pure and inspirational. I saw you on the CBS 58 Sunday morning show.
    Do you use volunteers at your farm?

    • Hello!
      So glad you looked us up! I generally don’t. I do hire people to help with chores, but I like a regular staff. Please follow along with us on Instagram or Facebook – that would be generally where I put those type of opportunities.

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for your response.
    If you need someone to help you out let me know.
    I love working with animals. I have worked with the Humane Society ( Domestic and wildlife areas).
    I am recently retired ( last year ) and moved to the rural area in Fredonia.
    Kristy 414-688-9403

    • Hello Kristy –
      I will grab your number and give you a call to see what you are interested in doing. Thank you for the being here and replying! We have changed a few things so if you had previously subscribed, you will need to again to stay up with the emails…Thanks again – I will be in touch!

    • Yay!!! I LOVE to inspire others so I am very happy that you feel that…Our life is rich with blessings so we love to share them with all of you! The animals bring so much joy and laughter…it’s an honor to grow your smile daily. Thank you for being here!!!

    • Puddin is really growing into his personality. My cute little prince of the pasture…is growing into a hungry chubby bunny that wants to jump the fence for more cookies! The stories here are never ending…Can’t wait to write them all out…


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