Bee utiful!!!!


I have only been stung once in my life.  It was at Long Lake State Park on the North beach which is more grass than sand. Bare footed I started running to the waters edge, but my little piggies never got wet.  I was stopped short by a honey bee hard at work that did not appreciate being stepped on.  Since then I have never really had much interest in getting closer.

Earlier this summer, at the Chateau, a small dark moving cloud caught my eye.  Looking up I saw several bees busily flying in and out of the soffit at the roof peak as well as from corner gutter. The previous home owner stated that they have been in there for years, she left them seeing they didn’t bother her there.  I was mesmerized by them and wanted to see what their years of hardwork had produced.


A good friend of ours referred us to Charlie the Bee Carpenter.  He “buzzed” right over and after removing a small piece of wooden soffit revealed we have quite the honey operation going on, at least 8 feet of honey comb!  He let us know that he is confident that he will be able to move the queen and her family to a new bee hive on our property.  The bonus is that my boys will be able to learn all about the bees role in nature as well as collect  about 30lbs of honey a year!


Bee’s are so important to ecology and their population has been dwindling.  I headed out to where Charlie has multiple bee hives at work.  He showed me the difference between a honey production box (the normal square ones you commonly see) which makes bees work harder for us creating honey versus one he created which is a more natural environment for bees to work within.  This means less honey, but happier bees. The other purpose of meeting there was to see if I could stomach being around a swarm of flying stinging insects without freaking out.


I passed!  I purchased the bee pod and in a few weeks we are going to move our little family to its new home.  The more I learn, the more enchanted I become wanting to share all of the knowledge with everyone.  Such as did you know that bee sting acupuncture is a real thing?  Did you know that bee guts smell like bananas? Or did you know male bees don’t even have stingers?

I can’t wait to share all of this with you and more.  I’m sure I will have honey to share too!

With True Love,

Amy Zimmer


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