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What Is A Safe Haven Hobby Farm?

I grew up hearing the term ‘Hobby Farm’ describing many small local farms nestled in the kettles of Wisconsin. Maybe its a Midwestern thing, or maybe its old fashioned. Either way, people are asking what that means so I thought this may be the best place to describe our version of Hobby Farm. My Farm Is My Hobby I have…

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Get Addicted To Something New

This past week we welcomed a new little life to the farm. We are so excited to introduce you to Puddin! Vanilla went into labor on the cold windy morning of Monday October 15, 2018. This was her second calf, Nutmeg had been born almost exactly a year ago. The entire family is doing well. Nutmeg is a little jealous…

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How Hobby Farming Found It’s Way Into My Heart

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I have never felt more joy from anything like I do with hobby farming. Yes, it can be dirty, smelly and a lot of sweat, but hobby farming is worth every piece of extra laundry. This princess has finally found her castle. It just happens to be a barn. The ironic part – I didn’t even know that hobby farming…

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Bee utiful!!!!

I have only been stung once in my life.  It was at Long Lake State Park on the North beach which is more grass than sand. Bare footed I started running to the waters edge, but my little piggies never got wet.  I was stopped short by a honey bee hard at work that did not appreciate being stepped on.…

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Mama Duchess & Baby Beatrice

I grew up in the country, but not on a farm.  As a girl you could find me playing out in the yard mixing up my latest batch of dandelion soup.  Or, after tying a long grassy knot onto one end of our propane tank,  I would straddle that puppy and pretend I was riding a horse.  (The imagination of…

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Launching A New Project!

Welcome to Juggling Daisies Farm – Kevin and I’s latest adventure. This one is different…this one is going to be our home.  Oh, don’t think that I don’t hear you laughing, saying “ya right!”.  It’s not that you don’t have just cause for your sceptisim.  In our 6 years of marital bliss this will be our fifth home.  In addition…

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