Ernest – The Snuggle Is Real


Farm Mom lovingly takes care of her pets, while Ernest rubs himself around her ankles.

She fills feeders with scrumptious hay.

And carries sloshing water buckets.

She even cleans out the stinky barn stalls.

Ernest follows along, making sure no task is overlooked.

Farm Mom brushes everyone’s hair.

She delicately collects eggs in her basket.

And she feeds everyone the best cookies.

In return all the animals love her.

The sheep come bouncing from far away in the pastures.

The goats butt heads over who is next in line for chin scratches.

The cows race to the fence line for extra brushing.

The pigs flop over at her feet for tummy rubs.

Ernest is envious of all the love.

He wants to be loved just like Farm Mom.

So, he decides to be just like her.

Ernest tries to fill the hay feeders.

Ernest struggles to carry the water buckets.

He even tries to clean out the stinky stalls.

But nothing works the way Ernest wants.

Ernest offers his claws to brush the farm family’s hair.

He finds out that egg collecting can be messy business.

And Ernest realizes he doesn’t know how to bake cookies.

Seeing wise Ms. Wiggins lying next to the fence line, Ernest nestles in to ask for some comfort and advice.

“I want to be loved as much as Farm Mom,” moans Ernest. “I try to be just like her, but it doesn’t work out the way I want.”

“Ernest, gaining love isn’t about being like someone else, it’s about just being you,” said Ms. Wiggins, enjoying Ernest’s kitty massage.

“Just like Farm Mom has specific skills to take care of us, so do you,” she said.

The more Ernest listened, the more excited he got.

The more excited he got, the more he curled his toes and massaged deep into Ms. Wiggins’ fleece.

With a great big smile Ms. Wiggins exclaimed, “I think you know exactly what you need to do!”

The next night Ernest waits eagerly for Farm Mom to do her evening chores.

While she fills feeders and water buckets, Ernest deeply kneads the sheeps’ wool.

While Farm Mom cleans stalls and brushes hair, Ernest rubs up against the goats’ faces and gives the cows some horn to tail shines.

While she collects eggs and feeds everyone cookies, Ernest snuggles with the pigs until they fall over.

Climbing on top of them, he has a great view of the farm and all the sleepy members of his family.

Ernest tucks his feet underneath himself, getting ready for a well-deserved rest.

Sassy, the polka-dotted pig, happily snorts so loud it pops Ernest’s eyes wide open. “Ernest, I am so glad that you discovered exactly what it means to be you,” she said.

Feeling relaxed and fully loved, the entire farm family drifts off into a peaceful sleep.

Written By Amy Zimmer

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  1. So enjoying your “biographies” on the farm family! You really capture their personalities and make them “come alive”.

  2. You just keep finding ways to make us smile! I Thank You and your Farm for sharing the smiles that spread thousands of miles, like with me in Fairbanks Alaska❣

    • Thanks Traci!
      You are a wonderful follower and I very much appreciate you…I really hope you enjoy what I write and with knowing the animals personalities – you can bring these stories to life without too much imagination! Thanks for being here and commenting – I hope to see more of you here…

  3. Ernest’s love for his farm companions is so real. Watching his interactions brings such peace to my heart 🤗. Thank you for sharing these special animals with us.

    • Ernest is an amazing cat that shares his love with everyone. I believe this will be a beautiful story book some day for so many to enjoy! Thanks for being here and loving on the farm family!!!

  4. Ernest is such a pig lover, which makes him even cuter and more lovable. Ernest’s pig love was what originally got me hooked on your IG and then I discovered so much more! Thank you for sharing it all! ❤️🐈 🐖

    • I LOVE this comment because it is SO true!!! One animal… Wally, Ernest, whomever hooks you in – and all of a sudden you find you love them all as much as I do. I have been so encouraged to run only a page for Daphne or one for Ernest, but the reality is everyone here is special and you fall in love with the entire farm family. I am so excited you are here and enjoying everyone. That means a lot.

  5. Hi Amy, just read “Ernest, the snuggle is real”. Again another charming interpretation of the interaction between the animals. This is exactly how I imagine Ernest to be, wanting to love and be loved and finding his special way of doing it. I also think it shows he is a little thinker, pondering life and the greater good and that he has no prejudice – he thinks all animals are there to be given his love!

    • I am so glad to hear this! In my minds eye this is exactly how this all has rolled out. Ernest is always by my side through chores and snuggles. He watches every move I make and when I loved on the pigs – he decided to join in. We have a pretty magical place here, I’m glad that I am able to capture that in words and share it with you…

    • I think the Ernest story would made a terrific children’s book with photos (not drawings) of Ernest in action! The pigs pictures with Ernest are loving and funny too.
      Are you working on childrens books? I hope so.
      Your sites brighten my day…
      Diane Lewis

      • I am so glad that you are here and have enjoyed the stories! What I have written here is intended to be a children’s book. Next step is sending them out to publishers and agents! Very exciting isn’t it!?! It makes my heart smile knowing that we lighten up your days…

  6. Earnest with major snuggles and Farm Mayor as you once said Amy! So enjoying these stories. I hope you can get these published in books. Thanks for sharing the fuzzy personalities, it makes your lives that much more joyful. Your audience gets a better perspective of these fuzzy personalities!

    • Thanks for taking the time to read them!!! I hope I captured the spirit of Ernest in my words, as you all see him almost daily like I do! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Your comments mean a lot to me – so very appreciated. Can’t wait to share more…

  7. I am so pleased I found your IG sites, now the website : it just brightens my day ! I am particularly fond of Ernest the snuggle puss !

    • I am even MORE pleased! One person at a time we are building a beautiful little community. So glad you enjoyed my Ernest story!!! Hopefully it will be in bookstores across the nation some day soon…Give a gift to a friend and tell them how much you enjoy our IG pages as well as the blog content. THIS is where you get all of the extras that nobody else sees…Thanks for being here!

  8. Hi Amy! I just read Ernest’s story and love it. I can definitely see this as a children’s book. Ernest and the piggies video on The Dodo is what brought me to Juggling Daisies. I love all of your animals!

  9. Great! Love to see the story of Ernest and how he got to be mayor of the Farm! You really captured his Spirit in nurturing personality. This will also make a great children’s book! You know how much we all love Ernest!

    • Ernest the Mayor is back out in business!!! However he holds very short office hours and sleeps a lot these days…Which is totally fine for a very loved kitty to do. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on both of my stories – it means a lot.

  10. I just came to your blog today after seeing it on Insta. I am hooked!! I absolutely love reading these stories on your babies. I whole heartedly love Ernest!!🥰 I can’t wait until he can run the farm with you again. Thank you for all the joy you bring everyday with your love that you show in your stories and posts. I look forward to them daily.

    • Hello Kari and Welcome!!!
      I love to share all of my animals, their lives, as well as the imaginary ones I create for them. It makes my heart swell to know our little farm have touched so many. So glad you discovered us! I sure hope that we grow your smile for years to come.

  11. Amy I have read both stories and they are both so cute. However I have a special place in my heart for kittens/cats. I still miss my cat Mittens and especially now wish I still had her with me. I liked both stories but I have to chose the story of Ernest. We all have our special place in the world and special talents and Ernest has his as you said. Thank you for showing us your special talents.

    • Thanks Janet!!! It was such a pleasure sharing these with you and the fact that you enjoyed them because of sweet mittens makes it even better. So glad you are here and enjoying our content. Thank you for your time…and commentary!!!

  12. Hi, Amy! I just started following you on Instagram a month ago and I already feel like I know the animals. You are so sweet with all of them. I love the animal biographies. They really could be a coffee table book. Your pictures are so pretty and capture the animals personality! I look forward to the next story! Such a comforting place to visit during this crazy time. Thank you!❤️❤️

    • A handful of people brought up a photo book…the problem is that if we self publish something like that, the amount of time in creating the piece and then investing in inventory is a difficult road. Hopefully a publisher will discover our little page and be willing to use my photographs to do something as suggested. It would be wonderful to see the farm family on a shelf in a bookstore. Thank you for your time and your thoughts


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