Daphne Adores Being Different


Daphne adores being different.

Doing normal cow things seemed like such a bore.

While the others grazed…Daphne made daisy chains, wrapping them around her horns.

While the others practiced their moos…Daphne swam laps in the cool shady creek and warmed herself on the muddy banks.

While the others chewed their cud…Daphne stuffed herself with cookies, loving how they made her plump tummy feel.

The herd was quick to remind her “You must do cow things to be accepted as part of this herd. Your actions make us feel as though we are not being heard.”

Yet Daphne could not help herself…what is normal anyway? She adored being Daphne.

At night, while the others snoozed away, Daphne would sneak out to the wildflower field and dance with the fireflies. She loved the way her long ginger hair glistened in the moonlite.

At night, Daphne polished her black tipped horns and rich red hooves until they shined! She felt confident, fresh, and new.

But in the morning the herd was waiting for her.

“Daphne, we warned you and you continued to disobey. If you aren’t going to act like a cow then we are forced to look away.”

Standing side to side they only allowed poor Daphne to see their swinging tails.

As much as she loved being different, she longed to be accepted.

Being ignored made the vibrant and bold Daphne…dull and glum.

It hurt that the other cows did not accept her.

“I so badly want to be accepted. I know, my changes will never be expected!”

Daphne grazed.

Daphne moo’d.

Daphne chewed cud.

Daphne was miserable.

But it didn’t help. All she could see was swinging tails.

Ernest the barn cat had to step in. Dusting off Daphne’s daisy chain he placed the crown back upon her head.

“Daphne, you being YOU is how we see joy, the last thing we need is you being all coy.”

“Ernest, having my herd turn on me is so uncomfortable, it makes me feel sad and so un-loveable.”

“Daphne to the rest of the farm family you are our light. To stop being you, would simply be not right.”

In that instant Daphne knew exactly what needed to be done.

With the moon as her spotlight she set to work.

While the herd snored, she tiptoed around them until she was done.

She was so proud!

Sunrise spilled into the pasture. As the herd stretched the night’s rest out of their bodies, they opened their eyes to quite a surprise.

“What are you wearing? Seriously how could you be so daring!” said each cow to the other.

Daphne waited nervously outside of their circle. The herd quickly realized what she had done.

Adorned in various daisy chic designs, their cross faces couldn’t help to but to fade into smiles.

And on that day as the sun traveled through the sky and together…

The herd made daisy chains.

And went swimming and warmed themselves on the muddy banks.

The herd, and Daphne, ate cookies and loved how good their tummies felt.

As evening fell, Daphne was elated…and danced in the moonlight with the fireflies.


Written By Amy Zimmer


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    • thank you! Putting my words out here was hard, thank you for letting me know you enjoyed it. Some art – but not well enough to be the illustrator. I am my own worst critic when it comes to that…I am hoping to get picked up by a publishing house to connect me with an illustrator…

      • Amy, Tanya Torres of Villilobos Rescue Center in New Orleans published her first book and had the beat illustrator! You should call her & talk to her publisher & illustrator!

  1. Wow Amy! You totally got this! What a great and inspirational story for children. I seriously could imagine Daphne as you wrote her story! ❤️

    • You have no idea how you just lit up my smile!!! Sharing these stories was as if I was sharing something very personal. I love writing, but my self doubt creeps in…So comments like this – builds me up and will encourage me to do more…Thank you my friend!

  2. Hi Amy, the stories are charming. I love the way Daphne & Ernest talked in rhyme in “Daphne adores being different”. I can quite imagine these being in a little book of short stories with lovely illustrations of Daphne making daisy chains and maybe interactive in having a daisy which hangs from the book and a cows tail for the bit where their backs are turned? Fab! Will comment on the other two separately. Great job.
    I follow JD on FB, but watch the lives and comment via Instagram:- @ spinksfiona
    Best wishes
    Fiona Spinks

    • Yes! You caught my little details! I love to rhyme, so I thought it would be great to have the animals should speak as such! I can see this book beautifully illustrated so that so many people around the world could share this sweet story as their little ones drift off to sleep…It’s wonderful that you follow on both platforms!!! Hopefully after I get both websites built I will be able to diversify my content between the two social media sites…#goals, but one step at a time. Thanks for being here!
      P.S. THANK YOU for sharing your Instagram handle – it really helps me identify you…xo

    • It takes a lot for me personally to share my stories. Generally speaking I am a confident person, but when it comes to sharing my craft and being brave enough to say this deserves to be a children’s picture book was a huge accomplishment! It’s even more rewarding knowing that you all are enjoying it…that is a real gift. Thank you!

  3. I kept rooting for Daphne to leave that old dud of a farm and make her way to Miss Amy’s farm where everyone is accepted. 😆😌🥰

    • In my minds eye this actually does not place on our farm. This is exactly what happened, well…we did have two other cows that were mean to Daphne and kept her from food and water for being different. We figured out that she was sterile and apparently the other girls knew it. It was very sad and our early followers followed the entire process. Ultimately what happened was that the other gals found new homes. Farming isn’t always easy, but that is why Daphne is such a mascot and so loved on the farm…

      • Oh my goodness! Now I know what happened. I miss you sometimes on Instagram so never really learned what happened. How sad. Feel so sorry for Daphne. Finally wisened up and followed you here. Now I’ll be here for hours. The story of Daphne is so cute.

        • It’s SO hard with all of you finding our farm at different times to have the whole story! The wonderful thing is that even the people that have been here since the very beginning love the animals so they don’t mind hearing the same story every once in a while. Thank you very much for being here and enjoying our farm family.

    • Kendra – were you following the farm through this time? I am so glad that I have been able to capture the emotions of Daphne’s journey and still make it light hearted and positive in the end. Thanks so much for your comment! Did you get a chance to read the Ernest Story?

      • Hi Amy! I was not aware of Juggling Daisies before The Dodo video so I wasn’t following you when you had Muffin and Nutmeg. One of your live videos you explained about Daphne and that you had taken Muffin and Nutmeg to another farm. So I knew the true life story about them when I read Daphne’s story. That is the reason it brought me to tears. Your story is lovely and would be wonderful for a children’s book. And I just read Ernest’s story and loved it also.

    • That really means a lot. Sharing my writing – especially my children’s stories takes a ton of bravery for me!!! I love to share, but need to grow in confidence on my writing…With all of your support I will get there… Thanks for being here and commenting. It means more than you know…

    • This all is so exciting!!! I LOVE how we have grown over the past year! Exactly today – in 365 days, we went from 20K followers to 80K followers. That is a LOT of smiles…and I couldn’t be happier! Who knows what the next 12 months bring, but I am so glad that you are along for the ride…Thanks for leaving your comment…

    • I love this story…I think it really captures what happened here on the farm, but as always in a positive light….I will be sending these stories out to agents and will be writing more! Can’t wait to share them….

  4. Having watched your stories about Daphne, you really captured her free spirit, Amy. I love the relationship between Ernest and Daphne. Big and small caring for each other.

    • Thank you, it takes a lot to create a “world” for readers to fully appreciate your characters – being that I share so much of the farm with all of you on the daily, writing these children’s stories is clearly the next step in my mind. I’m so happy that you all are enjoying the stories. It’s so encouraging and I can’t wait to share more…

  5. Amy! The Story of Daphne is the cutest and sweetest thing I have read in a long time! I literally had tears in my eyes! This will be a great children’s book! Congratulations 💕

    • Thank you Diane!!! I think it is a wonderful story that was based off of true events AND a child can relate to it. I will say this is my personal favorite between the two. Thank you dear friend!

  6. My second grade students would LOVE this story, especially after seeing pictures and videos of precious Daphne and Ernest. You’ve captured their personalities so well with your words

    I would definitely buy this children’s book!!

    • Thanks Terry!!!
      I am so glad you feel that way…hopefully someday that will be the case. Until then if you wish go ahead and share this with them! Have a great day…

  7. I love this so much! Really helps anyone identify with those times when we know living our authentic life is better than conforming to what other people think, and eventually someone else will see you and want to know what is shining inside of you waiting to shine! Love and hugs from @sgaldun

    • Aww…Thank you so much for enjoying my Daphne story! She is such a special gal…She holds a special place in my heart and as well as the worlds at this point! It touches me when people read my stories and are moved enough to leave a comment. Very much appreciated!!!

  8. Hi Amy. The story of Daphne would be so wonderful to read to children. So many could relate to it but also would make a great teaching tool. You have a special way about something like this. Even those of us who now have older children and adults grandchildren will be wanting to buy that book.☺️

  9. I think I would buy this book and my kids and grandkids are all grown up now. I have been around animals nearly half my life so reading about them is still fun for me.


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