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I have to tell you that making soap has been some of the most fun I have done in awhile!!! What’s even better is that our community has shown this project so much support and seem to be really loving the quality of the product – which is awesome.

This second batch I did try to increase the fragrance in some cases it worked and others it didn’t. Watch the descriptions and I will let you know which ones are lighter and which ones are exactly where I would like them. Also – some of these will be limited editions, but some of them will be added as a signature scent that will be available all of the time. Those scents I will be trying to keep the stock levels up and available so you can have them whenever you need. In those scents I hope to be able to offer you additional products including body butter as well as possibly candles.

I wanted to write the descriptions out now so that way you can sort of predetermine which ones you want to add to your shopping cart on December 5th at 11AM Central. So let’s get Started!

Holiday Fragrances – Limited Edition:

Cranberry Orange:  This is a lighter pleasant combination of bursting berries as well as a hint of citrus. It reminds me of what the kitchen smells like after making cranberry relish.

Frosted Cranberry:  This is a medium scented soap that smells like you are standing in a frosty cranberry bog. Very berry forward yet there is a crisp cool greenery scent in there to. It’s a wintery berry combo.

Holi-berry Cocktail: Let the good times roll with this intoxicating scented soap. All the goodness of the perfectly crafted Christmas martini. Cheers friends!

Mr. Snowman: The scent that lingers after packing and stacking balls of snow into a jolly snowman! The snow is falling kissing your face and frosting his carrot nose. Minty, yet light.

Cinnamon Friendship Tea: This one reminds me of a tea my grandmother used to make me when she cared for me as an ill child. Snuggled under one of her crocheted granny square afghans she would make me a tea that was made mostly of red hot cinnamon candies and hot water. It was filled with love and warmed me up from the inside out. This is a lighter spicy fragrance. I will be sharing the recipe for this tea as well.

Christmas Morning Chai:  Christmas morning has magic in the air and so does this fragrance. On the holiday early morning conversations are the best. Kids are happy and squealing. Adults are reflecting back on all of the holiday memories. These conversations are held over a special morning drink, like a beautiful spicy chai latte.

Limited Edition Fragrances:

Clean: There isn’t anything signature or that stands out about this soap – it simply is a light clean fragrance. Would make a great gift for anyone that you just aren’t sure exactly what they would like, other than a lovely thoughtful gift.

Plant Lover:  This one I am on the fence about keeping or letting go of…because I am a plant lover. Very herby and green and has the right amount of fragrance that it should linger with you. If you love the smell of a greenhouse – this one may be for you! Let me know your thoughts!

Petals: A pretty floral that is medium in the fragrance level. If I close my eyes and breath it in I imagine I am inhaling a beautiful pink bouquet of delicate flowers. It’s as if we are the bee drawn to the nectar.

Signature Fragrances:

Lucy: Fragrance free. All you smell is the quality of the ingredients that make up the bar including – Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter.

Wally: Sweet little cookie that boy is. Always looking for hugs and snuggles. When I think of a little boy kisses, their warm breath is normally scented with cookies. I couldn’t think of a better way to capture the essence of this sweet sheep.

Lu Lu Lemon Bar: Little Lu Lu walked straight into our hearts this year! She is a breath of fresh air yet is sweet and crumbles my heart like the crumble crust of a delicious tart lemon bar. This fragrance is calorie free, however I am not responsible for snacking you do after enjoying it.

Puddin: Blueberry is what was begging to be paired up with Puddin’s beautiful pastel nose! It smells so delicious Kevin thought that it needs a warning label to not munch on it. This fragrance should linger with you like one of his juicy kisses.

Violet: Sweet Cherry Almond captures that everyday all day long smile that Violet carries on her face. As you lather up be careful – that smile is contagious.

Mona: A light patchouli is what captures the spirit of our little flower child. She embodies peace and love for all. If you can’t find her she is laying care free in the sunshine or chatting it up with all of her fence line friends. Being that patchouli is a stronger fragrance, I started easy for my first batch so this is a medium scented soap. The next time around I will add a bit more.

Wiggins: Imagine a freshly washed snuggly blanket. I love everyone on the farm, but I have often expressed that Wiggins and I have a deep connection. Creating the perfect fragrance that represents her was important to me and I think this is perfect.

La La: White Tea and Crisp Ginger combine make up the perfect combination of La La’s beauty and crisp personality. This has been a huge favorite of those that have come and taken a sniff test around the soap shop. It’s the one that Kevin said smells like a “freshly washed woman.”

Cameron: This will be our signature masculine scent. A spicy bourbon barrel made of robust mahogany. All of the testosterone and beauty that Cameron shows us daily captured into a single bar of soap.

Kevin: We have a lot of characters around here and this is one fragrance that is here to say. It’s a very fresh take on pine. It’s bright and fresh and also reminds me of the blue sky. Everyone that has used it, loves it so – now you will be able to order it whenever you wish.

Oak Fences: Sandal Wood mixed with the warmth of sunshine. Weathered wood, very earthy and could be worn by everyone. Solid, strong, and absolutely part of the farm.

Woolen Mills: Coco Butter & Cashmere mixed. It will give you all of the warm and fuzzy feelings. This was another fragrance that is very dear to me and truly feels it portrays my creative wool creations.



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