Hat Pre-Sale 2020 – How Do I Pick My Color?


I can’t wait for my hat!!!!

First let me say thank you for loving our farm family enough that you actually want to have a tangible piece of them. You all have blown me away with support. It means the world to me to be able to share my farm family with you.

Let’s get to how this is going to work…Then – after you read all of this and still have a question please let me know in the comments. That way if more than one person has that same question you all can read the answer.

Who’s First?

I have kept everyone’s hat order by the date and time they were received. I have about 100 hats to make so clearly I can’t make them all at once. I will send out 5 emails a day to discuss your hat. I will be asking you to tell me via sheep name who you want sitting on top of your head. Do not fret! It is HIGHLY unlikely that I will run out of any particular yarn.  I have yards and yards….Also please be patient. I hope to have all of these hats out to you in 30 days. If you don’t get an email from me in the next 30 days please feel free to inquire with me. Please don’t Direct Message me or email me asking where you are on the list.

Here are your choices:

Are There Rules?

Sort of yes. I have a few things.

  1. If you ordered a 100% wool hat – you can choose two different colors if you wish. Not more than two though.
  2. If you ordered a wool acrylic hat – the hats will be made as you see them. I am not willing to switch the acrylic colors around to different wool. Nor will I buy any other acrylic in a different color.
  3. All communication about hats – I need you to stick to emailing me. I get HUNDREDS of direct messages and sometimes Instagram does not get them to me until months later. It’s very strange, but what I am saying is you will get lost out there in the ocean of DM’s.
  4. When I send you your email I will verify your ENTIRE order. Many of you placed several individual orders to be sure you checked out before your item disappeared. I totally get it – but I want to be sure that I am sending everything out to you at once. If you ordered something and I didn’t mention it…OR if I say I am sending you cookies and a Sprout hat, but you already received those please let me know that. Brylan started with the spreadsheet and then I changed it. Everything should be right – but hey….we are human.
  5. I will ask you to verify your shipping address. In the heat of purchasing there have been a lot of typing mistakes. I want to be sure you get this little labor of love. For these I will be sending you a tracking number the day they go out. The package will be insured as well. If you don’t receive your package – you will be able to track it.

Pom Pom’s

This is where you have some flexibility and I may need some flexibility too. Below you will see the package of Pom Pom’s I order. It comes with a nice variety of colors and they all look good on the hats. They also really change the hats appearance as well. The day I send you the email to pick colors, I will also send you a photo of ALL the pom poms I have on hand. Including Sprouts! My inventory and color selection will vary. Also – their shipping is unpredictable. My next order is scheduled to come anywhere from January 29th – February 22. That part is out of my control…If my inventory gets super low – I will notify you that hat production is halted until we get more in stock.

So – Maybe look at these colors and ponder a few different choices. What I have on hand at the time your order is going to be made that is what you will have to choose from. The beauty of this is – everyone likes something different. Also – if you don’t want a pom pom simply let me know. Maybe you have one that you want to add or you simply don’t like them. There won’t be a difference in price though.

If choosing is hard for you and you trust me, I will pick the one I think looks best. In that scenario I would want to know if you want to stay neutral or color is fun too.

I missed the pre-sale and want a hat!

After I fill these orders I will make more hats with the pom poms I have left. I will put them out as another drop sale. After that I would like to move on to something else I think however I will have an option from time to time for you to order another hat.

I think that covers it for me….

If you still have questions please write them in comments.

Thanks Guys!!!

Amy Zimmer


  1. I would like a (all) wool hat, please. Thank you very much.

    Would you kindly advice how to wash the hats, made only from wool? Thank you kindly.

    • Hello Claudia!
      The hats that these instructions for are for those that have already paid for them. If you already ordered yours, thank you. I will send you an email when it’s your turn to pick colors. If you have not yet ordered a hat – You will have to wait until I open them up for sale again…I am not currently selling any hats – but hope to be in about 30 days. I need to take a little time to catch up. Thanks!

    • I have to tell you I am loving the process of engaging with each buyer and talking out the details! This all is simply so thrilling….Thanks for loving the farm family!

    • Yeah!!! Awesome! The number one way to not miss a sale is to follow @behind.the.daisies on Instagram and watch the stories. All things for sale will always be advertised there first. I hope you get one on the next round!!!

      Amy Z

  2. Hi Amy,

    I am a long-time follower. My daughter ordered us both all-wool hats as a surprise! So sweet of her! She also just gave me a Sprouty acrylic hat for Christmas. I was heartbroken and so sorry to hear about Sprout. She was very special and dear to everyone. (My daughter also ordered me one of your Dad’s carved Santa’s for Christmas last year 😊 – I love it – and her!) She is asking me to choose colors of wool and pompoms. I was wondering, since the hat will be two colors, and presumably we will be able to turn it inside out, will there be two pompoms?

    Thank you for sharing your farm with all of us. I enjoy watching your lives everyday on my exercise bike. It is a welcome break in my day.

    • Hello Ginny!

      So glad that you enjoy the farm and all of it’s characters so very much. I super appreciate both of your support in all the ways you do.

      To answer your question – the all wool hats won’t be designed to turn inside out and there will only be one Pom Pom.

      Thank you very much for your question! Have a great day.

  3. Joanne Wilson
    So Excited!
    I would like Frida and Wila (Acrylic and wool) with a WHITE pompom
    My address is on the order

    • Hello Joanne –
      Please read the post for color selection details. You don’t comment here for your color choice. Please be patient and watch for my email. Thank you. I’m glad you are excited….!

      Amy Z


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